Rancho Water’s New Rate Structure

If you live in Temecula (and some areas of Murrieta) than you know that Rancho California Water District recently implemented their new Budget Based Tiered Water Rate Structure.  Basically they used County data and GIS to determine how much of your property is landscaped along with default information on how many people are living in the home, if there is a pool, etc.  In some cases their data is wrong (imagine that) and you have the right to request that they review their data along with information supplied by you. 

We recently had to do this and were able to increase the square footage of landscaped area by a couple of thousand feet. 

You can view the information that they are using in the lower left hand portion of your water bill under Water Budget Information.  If you do not agree with what they have on file you can print out the Variance Form from their website, complete and mail to them.  Some of the items to consider are large animals, pool, additional family members, daycare, etc.

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