Coupon Savings in The Temecula Valley

So I have recently been turned on to TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” show and I am hooked! The season finale is this Wednesday (6/15/11) at 9:30pm. I won’t be up but my DVR is already on it. If you haven’t seen an episode, check your On Demand feature for TLC.  The show is only 30 minutes long.

I am just beginning to explore the coupon world.  Apparently it is more complicated than you might think.  After watching the show a couple of times, I can’t really imagine being able to accomplish the extreme savings that the show depicts.  I believe it can be done but am sure that I won’t be able to devote the time that would clearly be necessary.  I have also determined that it just might be a very organized and premeditated type of hoarding, LOL!  Regardless it has given me pause on how silly it is that I don’t even look at the grocery store sales circulars …not even the store I shop at regularly!

A few tips on what I’ve learned so far (some from a very helpful friend who may just be a bit more obsessed than I):

My Temecula Ralphs store on Highway 79 South will double coupons up to $1.00 ($ .50 becomes $1./ But $1. Is still just $1.)  If you register your rewards card online-you can load some of the coupons directly onto the card without having to print them out.  Manufacturer coupons are available to print out and use anywhere.  You can also create your shopping list directly from clicking on their sale paper.  Awesome time saver! ***Effective 4/1/12 Ralph’s is no longer doubling manufacturer coupons*** Big Bummer!

My Temecula Albertsons
on Rancho California Road offers a $ 5.00 off $25.00 purchase just for signing up HERE  for email updates on sales and coupons. You earn additional coupons for up to 5 friends you can get to sign up.  Be careful not to sign up until you want the coupon though.  They only gave me 1 week to use it so plan accordingly. You can create an online account as well and create a shopping list directly from the sales paper. There is also a large coupon book inside of the Albertsons store that has coupons I did not find online so you may want to grab that up.

My Temecula Newspaper
The Press Enterprise will allow you to subscribe to Sundays only so that you can get the weekly coupons and sales papers delivered to your front door.

I have only accomplished the “completely free” item once and I could only get 2 free because I only had 2 coupons…but it was exciting, even if it was just toothpaste!

Why do you or don’t you use coupons?  Do you have any tips on saving money in Temecula that you would like to share?





Please make sure to check with your store on their coupon policy prior to relying on any specific savings.

3 responses to “Coupon Savings in The Temecula Valley

  1. Today I found a very helpful website that answers questions for us rookies, has a coupon trading forum, as well as postings as to what “Catalina” coupons are currently available (the coupons that print at the register after your order is complete). Check it out:

    A very helpful friend 😉

  2. Jenna Peterson

    I did extreme coupons about 20 years ago when Ralph’s was the best. They had the sale, their own coupon and then doubled the manufacturer but you could never go over to get money back. They also limited you to 3 of any item so my girlfriend and I would get another 3 for each other. Took hours on Sunday, and another hour on Wednesday’s when the sale paper came out. And then of course the hours spent shopping but it was a fun hobby. Stopped when they changed their policies but it sure was a thrill to get $100 for less than $20.

    I’m now retired and would love to stock my local food bank but need the doubles to be able to give it away. How can we get the big stores on board again? We could really make a difference and not end up with 20 jars of spaghetti sauce.

    • I have adapted by just shopping based on Ralph’s sale items and trying to combine the coupons. They did make a pretty significant change to their everyday pricing when they dropped the double coupons but it definetly hurt us coupon folks! I also still shop a lot at Costco because even with coupons, there are many things I can’t beat anywhere else. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them.

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