sugar free, jdrf OUR TEAM NAME in honor of the daughter (Jillie) of friends that asked us to walk with them.

We were invited to participate in this walk by friends whose young daughter (Jillie) is living the day to day demands of Type 1 Diabetes. Honestly I had not heard of this organization prior to a few weeks ago when we agreed to walk and help fundraise. Now that I have experienced the group first hand I will always be a fan.

What a beautiful way to spend a Saturday morning. Crisp and clear blue skies in the 60’s, walking a 5k on a trail along beaches with an over view of Lake Elsinore out of the Storm Baseball parking lot.  There were hundreds of people, all ages surging at various speeds in front of us and behind us.  Fundraising teams of families and friends turned out in a myriad of personalized shirts, colors and themes.

jdrf walk

To learn more about the organization, make a donation or learn how their fundraising and advocacy is changing the lives of people in every community visit www.jdrf.org and maybe we’ll see you next year at the walk!


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