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Temecula Listing Agents…Photos Please?

There’s a new phenomenom in Temecula’s marketing…NO PICTURES. 

 What is up with that? 

I understand that getting the right pictures is tough when the house has challenges but at the same time I need to see some of those challenges to determine if the house is worth setting up an appointment for.  Oh yeah and by the way that’s because the other new trend is NO LOCKBOX.  Yes they cost money.  Yes you need to get an extra key.  (Well that’s a whole different post for a different day.  Maybe I’ll title it:  “No Pictures, No Lockbox…NO SALE. “) But I digress…

3 Must Have Photos

Kitchen  This is without argument…the most important room in the house.  If it’s a mess-clean it up.  If the homeowner won’t clean up for picture taking, what’s going to happen on showings?  Yikes!  If the house is vacant and you don’t want the public to know that-stage it with a few things from your own house if necessary and then take them out after you get your photos.

Backyard Size Matters.  Don’t assume that a small yard should not be shown.  We have buyers that don’t want a big yard.  We also have families of 5 that have 3 large dogs that cannot get by in a really tiny yard.  Or a yard that has no grass. The inside can be redecorated but the lot is a fixture.   Save your clients some time getting ready for a showing (which is exhausting by the way) that could have been prevented by providing photos.

Front of the House  Buyers have strong feelings when looking at the front of a house.  Make this picture count.  If there is weakness on the inside-take a few angles and a street scene.  Make this count! This is the one picture that agents seem to get in there most of the time. Probably because our MLS fines you if you don’t have a photo in within a few days.  I wonder sometimes for the out of area agents if you just paid someone to drive by and get it for you because really, if you were here, why not snap a few more?

Agents can take their own photos so expense cannot be the issue, so what is it?  Especially when all data points to one fact Buyers Love Photos!

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Does the sight of an empty flyer box on a For Sale Sign make you crazy?
Everyday I pass 7 For Sale signs on my drive, 6 of the boxes have been empty Forever.
For some reason I take it personal.  These are my peers.  This is my profession.
1 of the listings has flyers nearly every day.  I’m impressed by that agent.
And really, this should not have that kind of impact.

There is the option to not use one and then the Potential Buyer has to call you.
Okay, I get that.  I totally get that.  It’s called a strategy.
But what I don’t get is the strategy of the empty flyer box.
Nope.  I can’t even come up with one.  Not one.

So if you are going to go through the trouble of putting one on there.  Fill it.

 Oh yeah and check it once in awhile….in case you need to fill it again.

If you are a Seller….don’t you feel anxious when you run out of flyers?

If you are a Buyer….aren’t you exasperated by the empty box?

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