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Homeownership Tenure Climbing


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Best Deal 5 Bedroom Temecula


Ways to Pay Off Mortgage Early


Ways To Pay-Off Your Mortgage Early

– from realtytimes.com 5-16-17
Make an extra payment each year
Making 13 payments instead of 12 can save you thousands and shorten your loan. On a 30 year, $200,000 mortgage at 4.5%, you would save $27,000 in interest and pay your loan off 4 years and 3 months early.

Make an extra payment each quarter
Make an extra payment each quarter and you will save $65,000 in interest and pay your loan off 11 years early on the same $200,000 loan at 4.5% interest.

Get rid of PMI  (private mortgage insurance)
If your home was purchased with less than 20% down payment then you are probably paying PMI. Check to see if your mortgage balance has changed enough to eliminate this charge and lower your payment.
Apply any windfalls
Get a raise or a bonus? Maybe a surprise cash gift? Instead of taking that vacation or putting it into your savings, apply it to your mortgage balance. A $10,000 lump sum payment on that 30 year, $200,000 mortgage at 4.5% pays it off 2 years and 4 months early and saves more than $19,000 in interest.

All information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. For tax, investment or ownership advice we suggest you contact an attorney or certified public accountant.

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Southern California Sale Update



(exert from dqnews.com 9/12/13)
Riverside County                                  + 26.20% ($265,000)

San Bernardino County                        +25.10% ($210,250)

San Diego County                                  +20.20% ($415,000)

Los Angeles County                               +28.10% ($429,000)

Orange County                                       +19.90% ($560,000)

Cash Buyers accounted for 27.6% of August 2013 Southland home sales, compared with 32.3% the year before. They paid a median price of $325,000, up 31% from a year earlier. Since 1988 the monthly average for cash buyers is 16.2%.

Absentee buyers (investors) bought 26.3% of Southland homes sold in August 2013. Absentee buyers paid a median price of $310,000, up 31.4% from a year earlier. The monthly average for absentee buyers since 2000 is 18.3%.

All lenders combined provided $6.36 billion in mortgage money to Southern California home buyers in August 2013, up from $5.45 billion in August 2012.

Foreclosure re-sales (properties foreclosed on in the prior 12 months) made up 7.1% of the Southland resale market in August 2013, the lowest level since it was 5.5% in June of 2007. That was down from 19.2% in August 2012. Foreclosure re-sales peaked at 56.7% in February 2009.

Short sales made up an estimated 13.6% of Southland re-sales in August 2013. That was down from 26.6% in August 2012.

The typical monthly payment that a Southland buyer committed themselves to paying in August 2013 was $1,545.00, up from $1,124.00 a year earlier. Adjusted for inflation, last month’s typical monthly payments are 47.1% below the current cycle peak of July 2007.

*Median Price=half more/half less. * All information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. For questions or financial, tax or estate planning, we suggest you contact an attorney or certified public accountant.

Team_Greer-comAre you considering investing in real estate in our market area?  Let us know how we can help!

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Real Estate Update for Temecula California August 2013

Check out this video summarizing where the real estate market is at right now in Temecula.  film reel


Temecula Valley, Is It Time To Sell?


The real estate market in the Temecula Valley is showing more than just signs of recovery. More and more equity sellers are putting their homes on the market and selling their homes in a short period of time and at a higher price than we have seen in years. Foreclosure sales are still relevent but not in the record numbers that the media has given hype over. Short sale listings are scarce. Mortgage rates are ridiculously low. Buyers are everywhere and Realtors (including ourselves) are pounding the pavement looking for something to sell them!

Is it time for you to sell?

We can provide a professional opinion on potential value for your home to help you make that decision. We can be reached at 951-522-0518 April or 951-522-6308 Gary. Our email address is team4greer@gmail.com

The graph below is a snapshot of California in general. Keep in mind that some parts of California (Temecula included) tend to outpace others.


Chardonnay Hills Community, Temecula, California

Chardonnay Hills will kick off our “Featured Community” this month.  It’s located in the middle of Temecula, at the end of the city limits prior to heading into the wine country area.  It’s recognized most by the rock fountain entrance on Rancho California Road with the giant wrought iron gates that are set in a permanent open position.


The community features homes from 1600 Square Feet up to nearly 4000 so it offers a wide range of variety in size and floorplan.  There are currently homes for sale starting in the low to mid $200,000’s. Due to the maturity of the community, homeownership turnover is low.  Many of the lots are spacious and offer views.

The community association consists of $110.00 per month currently and features 2 community pool areas, tennis courts, BBQ and Picnic areas, playground structures, sand volleyball, basketball and meandering walkways and trails within the neighborhood.


This community boasted “NO MELLO-ROOS” signs when it was being built and the property taxes here are very low because of that.  The homes were so popular in the new construction phase that we once waited in line at 6:00am in the morning to put down a deposit at a phase release for our clients that were moving from out of state.

For More Information About Temecula and the Surrounding Communities, please call me at 951-522-0518 or email to team4greer@gmail.com  We’re happy to answer any of your questions.  We’ve lived here since 1991!


5 Things to Avoid When Showing Your Home

We should probably start with what TO DO when showing your home but seriously knowing what NOT TO DO may be just as important.  Keep in mind that these are general tips that have been proven over and over by experience.  They don’t apply to every situation…but why take that chance?

Our Top 5 Things NOT to do

  1. Overdue it with candles, plug-ins and scented sprays  Some people are very sensitive and certain scents may cause allergic reactions or just simply discomfort.  Research shows a light vanilla scent is most universally safe.
  2. Hose down entryways and patios off the house right before showings or open houses  It may cause slipping or mess and it will discourage most buyers from wanting to step onto the back patio if it is wet.
  3. Close or lock any interior doors  Interior doors should be left open to let light travel into the dark interior spaces of the house and buyers are very uncomfortable about opening doors.
  4. Be home during showings or open houses  Take a walk or drive around if you have to.  We can’t express to you enough how uncomfortable buyers are if you are there.  They will spend no time in the home, nor will they be able to discuss any objections or ideas.  This is crucial conversation that needs to be had while in the home.  There is additional concern on the Buyer drawing you into potential conversations that you do not want to have.
  5. Leave out mail, bills or small valuables, jewelry and trinkets  Unfortunately we have to worry about this.  Mail, bills and anything that may have identifying or sensitive information needs to be out of sight for identity theft issues.  Also we prefer that any palm size valuables be put away during the home selling process.

If you are planning to sell a home in Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, Wildomar or Winchester…we make a great partner!  Call us for more information                     at 951-522-0518 or teamgreer@C21wright.com

“Arm’s Length Affadavit” on a Short Sale

It’s important that anyone considering the need or desire to short sale their property know what the “Arm’s Length Affadavit” document is.  Most banks will require this form to be signed at some point in the process of approving the short sale terms and/or at closing.  In most cases the real estate agents will be asked to sign right along with Mr. Buyer and Mr. Seller.  Holding your breath and hoping it doesn’t appear is not recommended.

The form will vary by lender but the guts of it will be the same.  In order to get your short sale approved all parties involved will have to agree in writing that

A.  The Seller will not remain in the home.   Period.  

B.  The Buyer and Seller do not have any type of prior relationship.  Meaning mom and dad can’t buy your house at a great price.  Neither can your business partner or your brother, or…well you get the picture.

C.  The Seller will not profit in any way in the sale.  No cash changing hands on the side.

D.  The Seller will not regain ownership of the home at a later date.  A family member can’t buy your house and then give it or sell it back to you.

Clearly this is a form that has brought about heated debate in real estate and legal circles (whether it is legal, if and how it could be enforced, etc.) however it remains an issue on most short sales.  This is not an inclusive list but a variation of what we’ve seen in the forms.  Each bank has their own form with their own terms.  This is not intended to be legal advice, it will be up to the parties involved in each transaction what they will or won’t sign.  Some of the banks do not have this form at all.

For more information about short-selling your Temecula Valley home please email us at teamgreer@tarbell.com and request a free copy of our “Short Sale Report”.

Short Sale Video

Have you fallen behind on your mortgage payments, and don’t know what to do? Watch this brief video, and find out what a Short Sale is, and why it may be the solution you have been searching for.

Then contact us at (951) 522-0518/ (951) 522-6308 or team4greer@gmail.com for a FREE consultation to find out if a Short Sale is right for you.

This quick video tells about a short sale in the simplist of terms.  Keep in mind however that some banks do not even require the 3 items this video suggests.