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Affordable Home Tips

7 Tips to Refresh Your Nest


1. Introduce potted plants into your home for fresh color and cleaner air.
2. Accentuate your couches, chairs or benches with colorful new pillows.
3. Switch out photo frames.
4. Update doorknobs and light plates.
5. Frame favorite art pieces from your child or grandchildren.
6. Add candles of varying heights and colors.
7. Make a fruit bowl centerpiece.

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Free Trash Pick Up, Temecula

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City of Temecula Residents are allowed 2 FREE bulky item pick ups, including e-waste each and every year!  Just call CR&R at 1-800-755-8112 to schedule your pick up.

This may come in handy during a move, spring clean up or getting your home ready to sell.  Need more selling tips?  Visit us at http://www.teamgreer.com or drop us a line at april@teamgreer.com and we’ll be glad to help!




Temecula Valley, Is It Time To Sell?


The real estate market in the Temecula Valley is showing more than just signs of recovery. More and more equity sellers are putting their homes on the market and selling their homes in a short period of time and at a higher price than we have seen in years. Foreclosure sales are still relevent but not in the record numbers that the media has given hype over. Short sale listings are scarce. Mortgage rates are ridiculously low. Buyers are everywhere and Realtors (including ourselves) are pounding the pavement looking for something to sell them!

Is it time for you to sell?

We can provide a professional opinion on potential value for your home to help you make that decision. We can be reached at 951-522-0518 April or 951-522-6308 Gary. Our email address is team4greer@gmail.com

The graph below is a snapshot of California in general. Keep in mind that some parts of California (Temecula included) tend to outpace others.


5 Things to Avoid When Showing Your Home

We should probably start with what TO DO when showing your home but seriously knowing what NOT TO DO may be just as important.  Keep in mind that these are general tips that have been proven over and over by experience.  They don’t apply to every situation…but why take that chance?

Our Top 5 Things NOT to do

  1. Overdue it with candles, plug-ins and scented sprays  Some people are very sensitive and certain scents may cause allergic reactions or just simply discomfort.  Research shows a light vanilla scent is most universally safe.
  2. Hose down entryways and patios off the house right before showings or open houses  It may cause slipping or mess and it will discourage most buyers from wanting to step onto the back patio if it is wet.
  3. Close or lock any interior doors  Interior doors should be left open to let light travel into the dark interior spaces of the house and buyers are very uncomfortable about opening doors.
  4. Be home during showings or open houses  Take a walk or drive around if you have to.  We can’t express to you enough how uncomfortable buyers are if you are there.  They will spend no time in the home, nor will they be able to discuss any objections or ideas.  This is crucial conversation that needs to be had while in the home.  There is additional concern on the Buyer drawing you into potential conversations that you do not want to have.
  5. Leave out mail, bills or small valuables, jewelry and trinkets  Unfortunately we have to worry about this.  Mail, bills and anything that may have identifying or sensitive information needs to be out of sight for identity theft issues.  Also we prefer that any palm size valuables be put away during the home selling process.

If you are planning to sell a home in Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, Wildomar or Winchester…we make a great partner!  Call us for more information                     at 951-522-0518 or teamgreer@C21wright.com

5 Ways To Make Every Home Showing Count

So you are putting your home up for sale. There is so much to go over. But for this post we will concentrate specifically on the basics of showing your home. Having shown hundreds of homes in the Temecula Valley to potential buyers…we have great insight on what the majority of Buyers want in a showing. This doesn’t have anything to do with price, location, number of rooms, etc. If we are coming to show your home with a buyer, your home has already made the cut in the specifics. This is just to get the most out of your showing.

  1. Neat and Clean Unfortunately there is no substitute for this. De-cluttering ahead of time will help this immensely since you don’t always get a lot of notice and you don’t want to turn anyone away that is going to be accompanied by a Realtor®. If you want to get an idea of what neat and clean means-visit your closest new home models. I know it seems ridiculous to think that anyone could expect you to keep your home this way but they do. Everyone in the family has to help. The better you are at this…the quicker the sale…and the less amount of time you have to do it!
  2. Lots of Light  The best case scenario is that the home is staged for the showing. Every light on, blinds open, interior doors open, soft music playing. But if it is not possible for the home to be staged for every showing than the absolute bare minimum is that all of the window blinds/drapes are left open. Doors throughout the home must be left open to let the natural light travel into the hallways and dark spaces created by closed doors. You might consider putting a timer on hallway lamps for the darker hours when showings might occur. If you know the night before that someone is coming while you will need to be away you can leave the lights on and ask the agent to turn them off when they are done.
  3. Scents that Make Sense Bad odors are hard to overcome. Buyers will hurry through the home and will be distracted trying to figure out what they are smelling. It quickly becomes the focus which sounds silly but true nonetheless. The best thing to do is to air out your home daily if possible. Especially if you cook a lot , have pets or children in diapers. Smoking should be reserved for the backyard only, not in the garage or near any doorways. People who do not smoke can smell it from a mile away. Fresh air is the best remedy. A quick note on candles or plug ins- Be careful not to overdo it. A food scent is good but plain vanilla is best. Research has shown that vanilla is the scent most widely accepted as pleasing to the senses. It is also a natural odor neutralizer. Many people are sensitive to florals and are easily irritated by them. Picture your potential buyer sneezing all over your house! 
  4. Inappropriate Photos, Posters, Etc. Take them down, put them away, pack them early. If you have lived in the Temecula Valley for any length of time it should be obvious that the average household has 2.5 children. Children that will be with their parents when they are looking at your home. Your son’s poster of two barely dressed girls making out is not appropriate. The child that may be moving into your son’s room is an 8 year old boy (true story). Newsflash… nude art, wives lingerie glamour photos, breastfeeding photos, maternity photos that are revealing or suggestive make most buyers extremely uncomfortable. Regardless of how silly you might think that is, uncomfortable buyers leave quickly and do not fully evaluate your homes potential for them.
  5. Be Gone There are always exceptions to this rule…but not as many as you would like to think. Having a pet, day sleeper, home office, etc. is not a reason to stay during a showing. The absolute best case scenario is that you stage the home and leave during the showing window. Ask the agent to text you on their way and when they leave if you are on a tight schedule. 



P.S.  And if you really want to stack the odds in your favor…Hire a professional Realtor!  Visit us at www.teamgreer.com