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Southern California October 2013 Real Estate


100410_2102_WhatisaShor1.pngdollar sign100410_2102_WhatisaShor1.png

includes Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, LA and Orange Counties:

Cash Buyers accounted for 27.5% of October 2013 Southland home sales, compared with 32.8% the year before. They paid a median price of $337,000, up 34.8% from a year earlier. Since 1988 the monthly average for cash buyers is 16.3%.

Absentee buyers (investors) bought 26.5% of Southland homes sold in October 2013. Absentee buyers paid a median price of $316,000, up 30.8% from a year earlier. The monthly average for absentee buyers since 2000 is 18.4%.

All lenders combined provided $5.7 billion in mortgage money to Southern California home buyers in October 2013. Home buyers in October put $4.3 billion of their own money on the table in the form of a down payment or as an outright cash purchase.

Foreclosure re-sales (properties foreclosed on in the prior 12 months) made up 6.3% of the Southland re-sale market in October 2013, the lowest level since it was 5.5% in May of 2007. That was down from 16.3% in October 2012. Foreclosure re-sales peaked at 56.7% in February 2009.

Short sales made up an estimated 12.9% of Southland re-sales in October 2013. That was down from 27.2% in October 2012.

The typical monthly payment that a Southland buyer committed themselves to paying in October 2013 was $1,499.00, up from $1,115.00 a year earlier. Adjusted for inflation, last month’s typical monthly payments are 48.8% below the current cycle peak of July 2007.

*Median Price=half more/half less. * All information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. For questions or financial, tax or estate planning, we suggest you contact an attorney or certified public accountant. Data taken from dqnews.com 11-12-13

Curious what this all means for your your home in Southwest Riverside County…what we refer to as the Temecula Valley? Reach out to us however you feel comfortable and we can give you an idea of what your home is worth by providing you with details on the sales around you that have occurred most recently.

Gary and April Greer at 951-522-0518 or email us at april@teamgreer.com


Veteran’s Day Blood Drive, Temecula

blood Drive


10AM – 3 PM


C21 Gray back logo

30610 Rancho California Road (corner of Margarita Road)

Participants receive a free t-shirt, coupon for free Famous Star -compliments of Carl’s Jr. and a coupon for a  free empanada -compliments of Tropical BBQ (while supplies last).

Hope to see you there! Team_Greer-com For any additional information about our special event or living in the Temecula Valley, call Gary or April Greer at 951-522-0518 or message us at april@teamgreer.com

Real Estate Update for Temecula California August 2013

Check out this video summarizing where the real estate market is at right now in Temecula.  film reel


Temecula Valley, Is It Time To Sell?


The real estate market in the Temecula Valley is showing more than just signs of recovery. More and more equity sellers are putting their homes on the market and selling their homes in a short period of time and at a higher price than we have seen in years. Foreclosure sales are still relevent but not in the record numbers that the media has given hype over. Short sale listings are scarce. Mortgage rates are ridiculously low. Buyers are everywhere and Realtors (including ourselves) are pounding the pavement looking for something to sell them!

Is it time for you to sell?

We can provide a professional opinion on potential value for your home to help you make that decision. We can be reached at 951-522-0518 April or 951-522-6308 Gary. Our email address is team4greer@gmail.com

The graph below is a snapshot of California in general. Keep in mind that some parts of California (Temecula included) tend to outpace others.


Living Thankful in The Temecula Valley 2012

We want to wish everyone a season of thankfullness.  May it last all year-long!

For more information about living and real estate in our beautiful valley contact us at 951-522-0518 or Team4Greer@gmail.com


Open House Starlight Ridge, Temecula $249,900

Come visit us at our open house, Saturday May 21, 2011 and again on

Saturday May 28th from 1:00pm to 4:00pm at

43086 Agena Street in Temecula, CA 92592

  • Great Condition with Fresh Paint
  • 3 bedroom, 2 Bath
  • Approximately 1660 Sq.Ft.
  • Over 15,000 Sq.Ft. Lot
  • Low Taxes, Low HOA
  • Includes Washer, Dryer and Refrigerator
  • Includes One-Year Home Warranty


Don’t forget to enter to win $100. Home Depot Gift Card!

Thankful in Temecula

Today is a good day to remind myself what I am thankful for, specifically about living in Temecula.  I am thankful for:

  • Great schools and even better teachers
  • Clean air and blue skies
  • Breezy afternoons and ample sunshine
  • Being an easy drive to the big cities, mountains or beaches
  • A large, visible police force
  • A lack of graffiti and violent crime
  • Beautiful neighborhoods and affordable housing
  • An abundance of parks and golf courses

I’m thankful that my kids still say the pledge of allegiance in their school and that I can enter without passing through a metal detector.  I can still talk to my banker without looking through bulletproof glass.  Miles and miles of vineyards turning fall colors right now and crisp sunrises with hot air balloons in the background…

What are you thankful for about where you live?

Temecula Listing Agents…Photos Please?

There’s a new phenomenom in Temecula’s marketing…NO PICTURES. 

 What is up with that? 

I understand that getting the right pictures is tough when the house has challenges but at the same time I need to see some of those challenges to determine if the house is worth setting up an appointment for.  Oh yeah and by the way that’s because the other new trend is NO LOCKBOX.  Yes they cost money.  Yes you need to get an extra key.  (Well that’s a whole different post for a different day.  Maybe I’ll title it:  “No Pictures, No Lockbox…NO SALE. “) But I digress…

3 Must Have Photos

Kitchen  This is without argument…the most important room in the house.  If it’s a mess-clean it up.  If the homeowner won’t clean up for picture taking, what’s going to happen on showings?  Yikes!  If the house is vacant and you don’t want the public to know that-stage it with a few things from your own house if necessary and then take them out after you get your photos.

Backyard Size Matters.  Don’t assume that a small yard should not be shown.  We have buyers that don’t want a big yard.  We also have families of 5 that have 3 large dogs that cannot get by in a really tiny yard.  Or a yard that has no grass. The inside can be redecorated but the lot is a fixture.   Save your clients some time getting ready for a showing (which is exhausting by the way) that could have been prevented by providing photos.

Front of the House  Buyers have strong feelings when looking at the front of a house.  Make this picture count.  If there is weakness on the inside-take a few angles and a street scene.  Make this count! This is the one picture that agents seem to get in there most of the time. Probably because our MLS fines you if you don’t have a photo in within a few days.  I wonder sometimes for the out of area agents if you just paid someone to drive by and get it for you because really, if you were here, why not snap a few more?

Agents can take their own photos so expense cannot be the issue, so what is it?  Especially when all data points to one fact Buyers Love Photos!

If you’re interested in selling your Temecula Valley home and you want a team that does everything necessary to market, show and sell your home, pick up your phone and call me now at (951) 522-0518, April.



Temecula Food Drive Needs

We are providing this list to help those that are participating in our October 2010 Food Drive for the Temecula, Murrieta Rescue Mission.  The Rescue Mission provides a box of non-perishable food to each family or individual(while supplies last) that show up on Wednesdays from 4-6 pm (winter hours will be 3-5) in the west parking lot of Rancho Community Church at 31300 Rancho Community Way, Temecula, CA 92592.  They also receive fresh bread, fruit and vegetable as donated by the community or grown on the farmland donated for this use.  Hygiene kits and baby items  are also made available when supplies are on hand.  Clothing is regularly available.

The most needed items are as follows:  

  • canned meats (tuna, chicken, spam) /  canned soups  / canned vegetables
  • canned fruits or fruit cups  /  peanut butter & jelly  /  pasta & sauces
  • macaroni & cheese  / beans (pinto, refried, chili)   /  rice
  • desserts & snacks (granola bars, pudding, jello)
  • shampoo  /  toothbrushes  /  toothpaste
  • baby diapers  /  baby food  /  baby wipes

If you are in our current food drive neighborhood then you have received a bag that we will pick up on October 17th.  We would love any feedback on our food drive by simply making a comment below. 

If you did not receive a bag from us and would like to make a food donation, please feel free to call, email or make a comment below and we will be happy to pick up your donation at your convenience.  You will NOT be added to any type of email campaign by making comments on our blog.



Temecula, Murrieta Rescue Mission

The Temecula, Murrieta Rescue Mission is a joint venture between the longstanding Orange County Rescue Mission and Temecula’s Rancho Community Church.  Our local rescue mission food drives through the church all year long to provide food to feed approximately 100 local families that line up at the church every Wednesday afternoon.   Families are provided with a box of non-perishable food items and a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and breads that are harvested at a farm in Fallbrook that volunteers from the rescue mission work every Saturday morning.  The bread is donated by local companies.  The rescue mission also has a fully equipped medical trailer that is run by volunteer doctors and nurses on site Wednesday afternoons for those that are in need of healthcare .

Gary and I have had the pleasure of collecting, sorting and packing food on Monday mornings at the local warehouse, along with helping in the distribution on Wednesday afternoons.  We have helped harvest squash, while our boys dug up radishes on the farm.  After having walked with people to their cars (that many are living in) carrying their box of food, I can honestly say that it has been worth every hour we’ve spent to contribute in any small way. 

With the current state of the economy there is a level of poverty and need in our valley that didn’t exist before.  There is simply not enough assistance through the other emergency food providers in the valley.  We are asking that the community help with this worthwhile cause (if you aren’t already helping somewhere else).  We will be hosting our  Annual Food Drive, this year in the Temecula Creek Community in October where we will drop nearly 400 brown paper bags in hopes of getting them filled.  If you don’t live in Temecula Creek but would like to donate any non-perishable food items from your pantry, please call April at 951-522-0518 or Gary at 951-522-6308 or send an email to teamgreer@tarbell.com and we will be happy to pick up your donation.

Thank You,